I started Avoir La Peche softly in March 2013, but it was only after Mr Peach and I married in July 2013, that I came back to my little blog and seriously started loving blogging. Now I'm addicted!
So the true start of ALP was September 2013.

Stats as of: (18.10.2013)
Pageviews last month: 1527
All-time Pageviews: 2501
Bloglovin #F's: 17
Google #F's: 4
Twitter #F's: 68

I try to post at least 5-6 times a week, on a wide variety of peachy subjects. 
I'm very active blogger & love reading other people's blogs, commenting, chatting & sharing great stories.
Pretty sure you'll have seen my little face in a comment somewhere - probably on your own blog!
I love sharing stories and chatting on Twitter, Pinning & interacting all over the social stratosphere.

If you would like me to review a product, venue, destination, recipe, read or exhibit, I would be honoured! On the basis that I would be allowed to provide an honest review, posted or linking to Avoir-La-Peche blog.
Please note I live in Lancashire England, for mailing or location based reviews.
If you would like to discuss please tweet me or send me an email to avoir-la-peche[at]

Let's Button Swap!

If you think my blog and yours have things in common, then they could be friends!

I'm opening up Avoir-La-Peche's side bar to 7 ad swaps (why 7?...well it's a lucky number of course!). 

Your ad will be 200 x 150 pxls. 
There's no charge as it's a swap, just find me a little space of a similar size on your blog.

You won't be stuck with me forever - just let me know you're planning to move on and we'll un-swap, no issues. 
I'll review each month and if there is demand for more than 7 I will rotate swappers.

That's it - let's swap!

If you're interested tweet me or send me an email to avoir-la-peche[at]

Let's Connect:


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