Monday, 28 October 2013

A Lucky 7 Years ago Today!! .....(&my Weeky Wishes)

Happy new week everyone!

Today is very special for me as it's exactly 7 amazing years since I met my gorgeous Mr Peach!

Some part of me still can't believe that day ever happened - 
So I hope you can all forgive me as I wallow self-indulgently in thinking how much that day changed my life, like a great big massive sledgehammer that I never saw coming! 

Did you ever have a day like that?

28th October 2006 started as an unspectacular rainy Saturday and I was living in Manchester. 
I had pretty few, very unspectacular plans for the evening. 

I'd been invited to my friend's Halloween party, back near my parent's home, 
but as it's around an hour away I'd decided not to go. 
At the very, very last minute I changed my mind, cobbled together a 'witchy' fancy dress outfit (a black dress & some fishnet tights on my hands), hopped on a train & called up a friend to join me. (Incidentally, I wasn't all that close to that friend, but that night was also the start of our true friendship & I gained a best friend that night too!)

The party, in my friend's flat, was going really great, until her landlord knocked on the door to say we were getting too loud. No problem, being the inventive type she just suggested we move on to the local club...'the only club in town'...the kind of place you go to because there's no other option, trust me! So, classy girls as we are, we grabbed a couple of cans of lager, which we drank on a bench en route,
 to take the 'edge' off!

In the club I was happily strutting my stuff, when across the dance floor appeared 
a tall, handsome guy in a very odd farmer style checked shirt
I'm not sure what I spotted first, him or his incredibly enthusiastic and *cough* unique dance moves
....but either way I noticed him & thankfully he noticed me too. 
(Actually he had seen me first, thanks to my witchy regalia and had been 'dancing' over to me). 
Shouting over the questionable quality dance music he asked me if I wanted a drink. 
Tall, dark hair, baby faced good looks....100% my type so how could I resist! 
My only doubt was exactly those baby faced looks
The dodgy local club is notorious for underage drinkers and I was absolutely convinced he was underage and shouldn't have been in there, let alone buying 24 year old me drinks! 
Anyway....eventually he convinced me he was actually a year older than me and got me that drink.
 At the end of the night we tried to swap numbers, but he didn't have his phone on him and didn't know his number, 
so gave me his email address and made me promise to contact him the following week.

Monday morning came around, bored at work and not being one for 'playing games' in terms of dating
I decided I had nothing to lose by sending him an email. 
Never expecting to get one back, within minutes I had a sweet, but cheeky reply. 
A few flirty emails later and we arranged a date that Saturday.
Saturday came, we had our date and from that moment we were just it....a perfect fit!

Within a month we were officially an 'item'.
A year and a bit later we moved in together.
Three years later (ish) that dodgy shirted, baby-faced boy asked me to marry him.
And here we are seven years from that night, married and about to start our next adventure together!

Love you Mr Peach!

If you're still with me after that lengthy, self indulgent story then well done! I have to say it's not all been plain sailing for Mr Peach and I. We've never had any wobbles in our relationship, but we've been through some bad stuff together and I always think of that day when things seem really bad. 

I'm such a believer in things happening for a reason and nothing proves to me more than that day - there were so many things that might not have been, but somehow they all came together and fate found a way for us to meet. So, if things just don't seem to be happening just remember you never know if something really special is right around the corner waiting for you!

I'm also a huge believer in the power of saying 'Yes!'
You make your own opportunities in life and they usually start by saying Yes to things.

So, now I've bored you all to tears with our tale, 
it's time for you to get your revenge 

I'm an old romantic who just loves 
collecting stories of how people met their other half.

So, please share your stories with me too below!


Weekly Wishes

This week's 'Selfie' theme couldn't be more perfect for our anniversary today!
Mr Peach and I could track our relationship in selfies!
Amongst our friends we are notorious for what we always called 'arm photos' 
(I know, we're so uncool that only recently did we realise the 'selfie' word) 
- in fact we were pretty sure that we'd invented them (ha!)

I tried to find the very first Selfie we ever took together....and of course I couldn't, but that one is close.

We took that photo in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria - on our first holiday together, when we started the tradition of 'holiday selfies' that our friends now tease us about!
We are stood atop the highest sand-dunes in Europe, completely oblivious to the fact we are getting burn to a frazzle, but 100% happy as you can see from our cheesy grins!

Anyway, so I have to confess I've pretty much wholly failed in my wishes from last week, mainly because last Wednesday also turned out to be one of those kind of life-changing days too 
(future posts on that to come).

So, I'm not deserting them all together but have decided to carry over last week's wishes to this week .....with hopefully more chance of fulfilling them!

You can read them in full here, but here's a brief reminder:
  • Get some posts queued up for the next two weeks.
  • Make at least one of those a DIY post.
  • Make time for at least 40 minutes reading, each day, with no distractions.

Join in and share your own wishes this week....
to the lovely Melyssa's 'The Nectar Collective' to join us!

Good luck in everything you wished for this week!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cosy Up TIme! - My Autumn Lounge Essentials

Cosy Fall Lounge

Brrrr.....It's getting a little chilly around here!

This year's bake-off is over, we're already 3 weeks in to Strictly & our Sunday evening favourites Downton & Homeland are back.
Pretty soon it'll be 'I'm a Celebrity' time & we'll be planning our trip to the Christmas Markets.

Time to cosy up. And here are all my cosying essentials for the lounge.....

We have candles all year, but as the days get shorter I love that cosy feeling of having lots of candles lit in all around us (not to forget the extra warmth)
In Autumn we love creamy Vanilla scents and spicy Cinnamon when the days get Festive.

Fairy Lights
Just like candles, as the evenings get darker, I love the pretty twinkle of fairy-lights. 

On a cold day I love to snuggle up on the couch, watching a film, 
enjoying my favourite TV programmes, or reading a good book.

If you ask Mr Peach he'll tell you I have cold fingers and toes all year. 
I have terrible circulation, my fingers turn white and my feet go blue, so slippers are an absolute essential! Since Father Christmas isn't rich enough for those sheepskin beauties this year, 
these fair-isle knit ones would be a perfect alternative!

Hot Water Bottles
The un-sung hero of Winter warmth!
I love a snuggle with a toastie hot water bottle on a cold night. 
I have a mini-one for going on the train or bus to work.
At home I've even been known to have one for my tummy & one for my toes!
Being a seaside girl, I adore the little boat knit.
But, I've fallen in LOVE with this Deer Knit hottie bottie cute is it?!

Irish Coffee
A hot drink is an essential to cosy up a chilly evening.
Sometimes I like to indulge myself with a warm Irish Coffee with a dash of Whisky & Cream
or pimp up my Hot Chocolate with a generous splash of Baileys.
Warmth from inside....yum!

So, what do you think?

What are your perfect Cosy Autumn Essentials?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Great British Bake Off Final is Here! And I'm celebrating my top moments of Series 4!

So, here we are 10 captivating episodes & over 30 bakes in, we've arrived at another final of the Great British Bake-Off. If you're one of the very few people not to have caught the bug for Great British Bake-off (lovingly known by thousands as GBBO), then look away now. But if, like me, you've been there for every soggy-bottom & uneven crumb, then join me for my highlights of Series 4!

This year's runners & riders!

(WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS 
for Great British Bake-Off, Series 4)

..and the Award for Bizarre Bake goes to:

We've all become so used to Frances' insanity quirky baking, it's easy to forget that the award for Bizarre Bake of the series truly belongs in the arms of another.
I can't have been the only one doing a double take in week 2, when Rob announced his showstopper 'decoratively shaped loaf' challenge, can I? I can't have been the only one wondering if, perhaps in a bid to put an end to Dad's incessant baking, Rob's kids had been dusting his Croissants with something other than icing sugar. I can't have been the only one in open mouthed wonder as he announced with glee that he was going to resurrect, in bread form, the one and only Paul the Psychic Octopus.

On paper it was a thing of pure wonder. 
Sadly on paper is where it should have stayed. 
The great Mrs Berry branded him 'just a tasteless white loaf'.

R.I.P. Paul (again)


Deborah realises the error of her ways - The unflappable Howard looks on suspiciously.

If you didn't catch it, there were two custards in the fridge, Howard's thick & unctious nectar & Deborah's watery yellow soup. Deb took the wrong one, only realising after having added it to her trifle. Devestated, she owned up to Howard, who responded in his usual, droll, unflappable but intriguingly adorable way. Culminating in a simple swap. 

Apart from being a GBBO first & perfectly demonstrating Howard's gentile & gracious Yorkshire soul, the great Custard Theft of week 3 was always bound to be Mel & Sue heaven. Sparking probably the most memorable M&S quip of the series, when Mel suggested Deb be taken into 'Custardy'! Mel & Sue, comedy genius.

It all proved too much for devestated Deborah who spiralled into a nervous mess: 'Custard gate' proving to be her downfall.

The Great Macaron v. Macaroon debate

Last season they were Macaroons.
This season they're Macarons.

I simply thought 'Macaron' was the French word for those delicious chewy, nutty, meringue pieces of heaven. I just thought we called them Macaroons here in the UK.

So, when Bake-off suddenly started the 'Macaron' thingy I was hellish confused. So much so I took to my own facebook - sparking responses from people I didn't even realise I'd ever been friends & the most comments since I announced Mr Peach and I were engaged. Forget nuclear arms...this debate is HOT!

Apparently the gist is that we must now wipe all previous pronunciation, reserving the word 'Macaroon' only for those (horrible) over-sweet lumps of baked coconut, often topped with a glace cherry.

Henceforth thou shalt refer to the following only as the 'Macaron' 

(who cares....they're not around long enough to call them anything in my house...yum!)

Are Mel & Sue fixing the bake-off?

If it's not Sue poking her elbow into Howard's perfectly molded muffins. 

then it's Mel encouraging Frances to stack an already precarious looking tower of assorted 'hat-box' biscuits just that little bit higher...then gazing on as they toppled over (I'm sure I saw her hop a little to judder the ground).

Of course I'm 100% joking - we know our Mel & Sue would never do that.
Would they?

Frances' Oddness.

Look, I'll admit, I'm not Frances' biggest fan. I find her insistence on straying from the actual task at hand inexplicably annoying.

But I can't deny that her quirkiness has been one of the more memorable things this series....all-be-it crudely shoe-horned in....she just won't leave it alone will she?

My favourite of her odd-bakes & the only one I really want?

It's this:

Yes, they're actually giant, chocolate tipped, sweet bread sticks.
I'll hand it to your Frances - that's clever!

Other notable moments - 
  • Howard baking with Hemp & Mary pretending not to have a clue (yeh right Mary, we know you're a rebel....nobody visits Pascha in Ibiza and remains that innocent!). 
  • Teacher Glenn's penchant for enormous bakes and a jovial smile.
  • Loveable grandma Christine and TV Grandma Mary's weekly W.I. off. In all honestly we were all wondering when the face to face judging would degrade into a Grannie fight weren't we? There was mutual respect but I never quite felt that Christine was fully taking in Mary's critique, not without a sarcastic air anyway. 
  • Thankfully 'The Hollywood' has toned it down this season - probably not enough energy after his Summer's escapades in the U.S. (*rolls eyes*). But I still loved flirtatious Beca's visible melting like a hormonal schoolgirl during the face-to-face critiques, bless her.

So, who will be our winner?

Will it be nutty Frances?....

....with her endless mission to turn the pure joy of baking into some weird modern art gimmick, despite the words 'style over substance' surely having been permanently etched on her mind by now. We've even had Soap Opera Cake (erghhh - ask yourself Frances, who wants soapy cake?). But you have to hand it to the girl for tenacity. My choice for runner up.

Will it be over-dramatic Ruby?...

...who has sadly come to be the target of the Great British public's universal wicked tongue. With one voice, we've unanimously screamed at out screens and winced as she escaped unscathed week after week, thanks to that ever present glint in the silver haired ladies man's eye. At times it seemed our message might be intercepting the laws of space and time, transmitted through our TV screens to Mel who yelled: 'pull yourself together' .Look I don't like the girl either but, though it often feels like more, it is only baking and not worth ruining a life over. Still, we all know she should have gone last week. 

Or, will it be unflappable, baking machine Kimberley?

She doesn't say much, but what she does say tend to be words of pure baking wisdom. It's hard not to find our Kimberley a wee bit smug, but nobody can deny that she knows her stuff. Personally, I'm team Kimberley all the way.

If you're watching tonight enjoy every moment of 

gluten stretching, 
soggy bottomed, 
clafoutis clenching,
baking wonder.

May the best girl win!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekly Wishes - Week#5

I love Monday's Weekly Wishes link-up, where I get to review what I achieved last week, and set out some targets for the week ahead.

And, I get to join in the Weekly photo theme.

This week: Creativity. 

My photo is of my fabric stash, needlework box that my grandad bought me when I was 9, pincushion & my current knitting project. There's usually some creative project or other in the middle of our lounge, which drives my husband crazy, but I couldn't live any other way!

If you want to play too then jump over here to join Melyssa at The Nectar Collective, and a whole host of other Weekly Wishers to find out more.

Now to my Weekly Wishes for Week number #5:

Last week's wishes were:

  • To purchase gum tape & a sample pack for prints - this one is being postponed for 2 weeks. Our pennies have other priorities before payday. 
  • To import Disqus - Done. To update my about me page - kind of done. I decided it was more important to finally get some easy-linky buttons on my side-bar >>> to make it easier to follow me & connect. Looking at my 'about me' page, although it's a bit waffly and needs attention eventually, it kind of serves a purpose and it's not so bad. So, I added a quick update for now. I also decided to add a 'Publicite' page with some stats and info about Button-Swaps I've decided to offer.
  • To get emailing with Lauren at Lipglossed Ninja, my Snail Mail Collective partner & start putting together my package for her. Done & Done! Lauren is lovely, you can take a look for yourself over here! Turns out we have lots in common that even the girls at SMC wouldn't have known! I've started working on the parcel but there is PLENTY still to do...especially since it needs to get to South Africa!

This week's targets:
  • Taking more photos myself for A-L-P. 
Photography is one of my favourite things & I've neglected it a lot recently. I like to have a photo per post and at least 3 of those next week I plan to be my own.
  • Get some posts queued up for the next two weeks.
Now I've worked out the Scheduled posting option (though I haven't successfully managed to make it work yet) I want to make the most of it. Hopefully, things are going to be a lot busier in the peachy household the next couple of weeks, not least because it's school holidays and we plan to visit my sister in Bristol, so I need to get seriously organised! wish, to get Scheduled posting to work, as it currently isn't. :(
  • Make at least one of those a DIY post.
I do lots of DIY/crafty things day-to-day but I rarely get them blogged. So, not least in honour of this week's creativity theme, I want at least one of those posts to be DIY.
  • Make time for at least 40 minutes reading, each day, with no distractions.
My wish back in week #3 of a set period of time in the afternoon, working at my kitchen table with no distractions, was one of the best things I could have come up with - and it's really stuck!
Now I want to apply that principle a little to my leisure time and try to make time each day for at least 40 minutes reading, with no distractions. Actually, you might already know, i'm not a big fan of sleep, but this has started to develop into insomnia recently, when I can't sleep even if I want to. So, I plan to make time to read and wind-down time before bed. No distractions other than a good book.

Ok, that's it for this week I think....
Good luck with all you plan to achieve!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Scrunch-up - Linky-Love!

Original photo credit: Richard Susantro 

Hi & Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Sharing links to things I've found all over the internet each week is something I love to do 
- to remind myself as much as for my lovely followers. 
There's so much greatness out there, it's great to share the best!

I've decided to mix things up and change my usual 'Five for Friday' link-up....
No longer limited to 5 links - sometimes more, sometimes less.
                    No longer limited to Fridays - sometimes Fridays, 
                                                                               but sometimes Saturday or Sunday
                                                                                                 might be the best time to share.

So grab that cup of tea (or coffee), biccie or cake
& help me celebrate the great stuff I've uncovered this week
all scrunched up together for the weekend......

  • Warning: this one is really 18+. I was unsure whether to share, given A-L-P may eventually be read by either a)my parents or b)employers/prospective employers....but to be honest this was too hilarious not to...and if you're laughing along then your slightly smutty side is just as bad as mine! I introduce: the incredible penisbeaker debate.
  • Finally I want to share with you something really special (and now award winning!). This one comes with a warning too - you will need a box of tissues & a large glass of wine, because there will be both tears & toasts to be had. The wonderful Wife after Death. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Ping-pong via @MissMarples; Creative paradoxes via @lamamanheureuse; older peeps in vegetation via @creativetourist; grammar preaching via @essexgirldiary; penisbeaker via @tenpennydreams

Friday, 18 October 2013

Working Wardrobe - Capsule Collection Fall Favourites

Capsule Collection - Office Fall Favourites
Yesterday I showed you some words of wisdom for a your office working wardrobe.

Today let's put that into action, break most of those rules have some fun & put together a capsule collection wardrobe for the fall office.

I have to say I didn't really limit myself on the prices
*jump to the bottom for prices & stores links*.
Whilst the majority of these are aren't too badly priced, there are a few with a HUGE pricetag I would never pay...let alone be able to afford. Sadly that Plum & Black leather jacket is one of them, because I LOVE IT!

We have a few staples including the black blazer and narrow leg trousers. I love that cut of trouser, especially because, as a tall girl, this is the only cut you can get away with being a bit short for you, even better with a tall shoe, or ballet pump. It means I can buy trousers from a normal shop....revelation!

The patterned trousers are the same cut. I love patterned trousers, but being a pear shape that's about as much jazz as I can take to the lower half.
The pencil skirt is actually very dark navy, which softens the look. This is definitely a day to night piece, double use!

All of these pieces are interchangeable with both the shoes & the tops.
After saying beware of front fastening shirts, I've gone ahead and picket two of them! But neither are too fitted, so there shouldn't be gaping. Both would both look brilliant with that jacket!

All of the colour is in the accent pieces, the shirts, accessories and the jewellery.
This fall I'm loving those jewel colours - deep navy, emerald and plum - and a splash of lime or cobalt, to lift the colour up.
I've chosen jewellery that's a bit unusual to add a splash of personality.
Can you tell I love my earrings?
I particularly love the cute foxy earrings and the Fox ring . Both are quite subtle so you might not notice what they are to begin, only when you get up close, which I love.

Since I'm an absolute nightmare with the cold, I was quite careful to pick a collection that can be warmed up for the cold in Winter months. I'd swap the leather jacket for a quilted coat, add a fluffy fitted knit top or two, in black and a jewel colour, a thick, wide shawl type scarf and a pair of gloves (because I hate cold fingers!)

Apart from the leather jacket (which I can't possible afford) the one thing on the board that i'm really coveting are those Dorothy Perkins high court brogues. I'd wear them day and night, & at £43 from a UK store they're not completely out of reach.

So what do you think?

What would you have from the collection?

P.s. - thanks to Mal @LazyBoleyn for introducing me to the wonders of Polyvore. I now want to go and throw out all my old clothes and make myself a full new wardrobe via that website. I warn you if you try it, it will be addictive!

Oasis silk blouse$96 / Sea, New York silk blouse, $425 / Planet leather jacket$480 / Blue jacket$96 / Oui knee length skirt, $160 / Elastic waist pants, $95 / Phase Eight black pants$46 / Charles by Charles David black boots / Dorothy Perkins shoes / Leather purse / Sacha yellow purse, $88 / BKE statement necklace / Gold ring / Stud earrings / Antique jewelry / Warehouse gold jewelry, $48 / Stud earrings / Blu Bijoux stud earrings

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Working Wardrobe - Time for the Girls!

A couple of days ago I looked at these office-wear rules 
suggested by a Law firm for their new intake

Now the fun bit....time for us girls! 

I'm not pitching myself as any kind of expert here, of course not. But, I have learned from years of my own hit&miss attempts. Plus, in another incarnation, I dressed women for all kinds of work, so I do have more than a little experience.

I don't like to use the word 'rules' because (and please take note big businesses) unless they are required for some practical reason, I believe restrictive dress-codes are counterproductive....I have witnessed it!

So, here are my guidelines. 

1) Stick to the rules & be sensible

I'm all for pushing it to the max, but if there are very specific rules you need to stick to them.

Maybe, like Anna (aka MissJersey) you have to stick to infection control rules or you have to wear shoes with closed toes, for safety. Those are the kind of rules it would be downright stupid to break, enough said.

Equally, if your office has rules as to what you can and can't wear, no matter how stupid you think they are, stick to them. If you don't, you will be disliked. Co-workers will think 'how come she gets away with it, and I can't' and your bosses will dislike you for wasting their time having to correct you.

2) No sheer, backless or cut outs.

All far too sexy for the office - you want to be respected right?
Similarly, treat Lace with caution.

3) Beware of gaping & cleavage.

The cleavage thing is obvious isn't it? The law firm's guidelines say 'no more than one inch cleavage'. I think that'd be a bit to hard check (images of girls with rulers down their tops), but it's not a bad guideline.

But, just as bad as in-your-face cleavage, is a gaping shirt.

An office I used to work in insisted on my team wearing shirts with collars. This rule was clearly written by men. We girls know that our shirts don't fit by collar size. If you have anything over a B cup it's almost impossible to find a well fitting shirt that doesn't gape (if you know of one please recommend!). A gaping shirt, with a greying bra jumping out in your face looks terrible, and hugely unprofessional.

So, unless you can be 100% sure it's gape-proof, stick to pull on or side fastening shirts.

Similarly, beware of over-stretching at the front, that looks awful too.

4) No trainers (sneakers) & No party heels

If you're sprinting from the station to the office on a daily basis then I could forgive a trainer for commuting purposes. But in the office, unless you have an injury, it's a NO NO NO.

Flip-flops (thongs) the same.

Equally, the office is no place for party heels. They are both impractical and look absurd. 
After much practice I have devised the following rule: If you can't run in your heels from platform 5 to platform 1 at Preston station, to catch the last train home after post-work drinks, then the shoes are a no go! (insert your own local station as applicable)

5) No animal print underwear

And into that bracket you can also pop red bras, spotty print bras, and all manner or patterned hosiery.
It's ok if these babies stay wrapped up safe underneath opaque clothing, but it only takes one peak out beyond a seam, to cause all manner of's not classy. Save them for the weekend.

I don't have to say anything about push-up bras do I? 

6) Save cute for the weekend.

This may be a controversial one. I love the trend for animals and ditsy prints, but in the office I want to be seen as skilled, not cute. Please don't misunderstand, i'm not against prints. At the minute i'm in love with graphic prints. But avoid anything verging on the cute side. 
You have to be careful of the cut of a dress too. If it looks like your daughter or your 5 year old niece has a mini-version in her wardrobe then best avoid.

This is a very tricky one to set a guideline for. I guess you just have to think, 'do I look smart, or cute?'

7) Yes to Nude Patent Shoes

I actually pinched this one from the Lawyer's Rules, but it's worth pinching because it works. If you have bare legs and nude shoes, not only will you look very classy, but your legs will look longer, fact. Unfortunately my nude patent shoes break every bit of rule #4, so I best hunt for some lower ones!
The same works for black patent heels and that winter staple, opaque black tights. Actually they don't even need to be patent.
It's a good trick, you should try it!

8) Jewellery is your friend

Jewellery is a brilliant way of showing your individuality & personality in the office, to make you stand out from the crowd and make those office-wardrobe staples stretch that bit further. You don't have to spend a fortune because there's so much amazing Jewellery out there. Plus it's an excellent way to show your love for the hand-made industry, with people creating some amazing things with surprisingly low price-tags.  
So long as it's not head to toe body piercings, joined up by studded chains, that could be a little *cough* distracting for your colleagues. 

9) Don't be the girl in black.

Black is a wonderful thing in your wardrobe. Everyone should have those office wardrobe staples - a well cut black suit, a good quality black workbag, work-horse black shoes and a warm black overcoat....for those times when you want to look super-smart. 
But try not to fall back on it one too many times and become the office 'girl in black'. And I'm not just talking about the colour black either, I'm talking about the colour boring. Try not to fall into the routine of wearing the same set of outfits on repeat, and blending into the background.
Alongside those seasonal staples, try to pick pieces with personality - a top with a funky pattern, an unusual pair or earrings, trousers with a graphic print - so you can still be yourself and show your quirky side.

It's all about not blending into the background and letting your personality shine through.

So, those are my guidelines
Not to be taken too seriously - since, at the end of the day, rules are made to be broken!
The office world would be a very boring place if we stuck rigidly to every one of these.
But they're a point of guidance if you don't know where to start or want a little office-overhaul. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to take all this and show you my dream capsule work-wardrobe for this fall.
In the meantime.....

I'd love to know...what are your work-wear rules?

p.s. Big thanks to Anna @MissJersey & Katie @cakevscales for answering my Twitter questions on working wardrobes - thanks girls! x