Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Working Wardrobe - Office Rules for the Boys!

Those aren't my rules! 
A set of tongue-in-cheek fashion 'rules' 
for the office new recruits.

It caused a bit of a stir, possibly due to how it was written...telling men "Do not wear a coloured shirt with a white collar. You are not an estate agent from Chelmsford." & women "You don't want [that] first impression to be 'Nice to know she likes red bras'." (Patronising much?)

So, what do we think?
I think some of these rules are very sensible, others utterly ridiculous.
But then, that's always been my experience of office workwear 'rules'.


To be honest these are the most extensive 'rules' for guys I've ever seen. They definitely get the easy end of the deal, especially if they work in an office that advocates wearing standards suits, collars & ties. It's probably in the more 'creative' type offices that boys feel the need to fit in and keep up with office fashions.

To me, there's nothing sexier than a properly worn suit. Aint that right Jakey?

(He agrees)

I'm completely with rule #3. Boys, far better to have a cheaper suit that's been altered to fit you (none of that wearing your dad's suit effect please) than squeezing into an expensive one that doesn't fit either. 

However...my big rule would be to always check the seams for puckering and avoid shiny material at all costs - both will make a suit look cheap, no matter the price tag.

I can't see what's wrong with a skinny tie though, so long as it's not too short.

But Patent shoes on men? With suits? No, no, no...or perhaps I'm just having flashbacks to this?....

Mr Peach, a teacher, sticks to the basic suit rules. Shirt, tie, & dark suit every day. Which is easy except for when he's in the dusty design workshop.
I quizzed him a little. He said he feels that the suit look gives him an air of authority, plus he feels it sets a good example to his pupils, especially when he's often telling them off for looking scruffy. Plenty of his colleagues don't go for suits though, the jacket & tie often stay in the wardrobe.
Mr Peach's rules?: Trainers (sneakers) are for sport. Anything Pink is limited to the days when he's up for a challenge - since the kids make lots of comments on it. Who would have thought a colour could cause so much fuss?!

So what do the men in your life wear to work? 

Do they have to wear a uniform? 
Or perhaps they have their own office rules?

Do you think it's easier for men?
Or do they have other problems we girls just don't spot?

Tomorrow we're going to talk RULES FOR THE GIRLS.
So, pop on over here to Twitter or jump to the comments and tell me:
What rules do you stick to?
 ...whether they're your own or set for you.

Have a fabulously dressed day!

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  1. I love this and I FIRMLY agree on no trainers for women! There is nothing worse than seeing a woman dressed smartly with trainers on... ugghh!


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