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Working Wardrobe - Capsule Collection Fall Favourites

Capsule Collection - Office Fall Favourites
Yesterday I showed you some words of wisdom for a your office working wardrobe.

Today let's put that into action, break most of those rules have some fun & put together a capsule collection wardrobe for the fall office.

I have to say I didn't really limit myself on the prices
*jump to the bottom for prices & stores links*.
Whilst the majority of these are aren't too badly priced, there are a few with a HUGE pricetag I would never pay...let alone be able to afford. Sadly that Plum & Black leather jacket is one of them, because I LOVE IT!

We have a few staples including the black blazer and narrow leg trousers. I love that cut of trouser, especially because, as a tall girl, this is the only cut you can get away with being a bit short for you, even better with a tall shoe, or ballet pump. It means I can buy trousers from a normal shop....revelation!

The patterned trousers are the same cut. I love patterned trousers, but being a pear shape that's about as much jazz as I can take to the lower half.
The pencil skirt is actually very dark navy, which softens the look. This is definitely a day to night piece, double use!

All of these pieces are interchangeable with both the shoes & the tops.
After saying beware of front fastening shirts, I've gone ahead and picket two of them! But neither are too fitted, so there shouldn't be gaping. Both would both look brilliant with that jacket!

All of the colour is in the accent pieces, the shirts, accessories and the jewellery.
This fall I'm loving those jewel colours - deep navy, emerald and plum - and a splash of lime or cobalt, to lift the colour up.
I've chosen jewellery that's a bit unusual to add a splash of personality.
Can you tell I love my earrings?
I particularly love the cute foxy earrings and the Fox ring . Both are quite subtle so you might not notice what they are to begin, only when you get up close, which I love.

Since I'm an absolute nightmare with the cold, I was quite careful to pick a collection that can be warmed up for the cold in Winter months. I'd swap the leather jacket for a quilted coat, add a fluffy fitted knit top or two, in black and a jewel colour, a thick, wide shawl type scarf and a pair of gloves (because I hate cold fingers!)

Apart from the leather jacket (which I can't possible afford) the one thing on the board that i'm really coveting are those Dorothy Perkins high court brogues. I'd wear them day and night, & at £43 from a UK store they're not completely out of reach.

So what do you think?

What would you have from the collection?

P.s. - thanks to Mal @LazyBoleyn for introducing me to the wonders of Polyvore. I now want to go and throw out all my old clothes and make myself a full new wardrobe via that website. I warn you if you try it, it will be addictive!

Oasis silk blouse$96 / Sea, New York silk blouse, $425 / Planet leather jacket$480 / Blue jacket$96 / Oui knee length skirt, $160 / Elastic waist pants, $95 / Phase Eight black pants$46 / Charles by Charles David black boots / Dorothy Perkins shoes / Leather purse / Sacha yellow purse, $88 / BKE statement necklace / Gold ring / Stud earrings / Antique jewelry / Warehouse gold jewelry, $48 / Stud earrings / Blu Bijoux stud earrings


  1. I need you in my life! I like the Oui knee length skirt. And the Blu Bijoux earrings. Oh and all the rest of your suggestions...X Lucie (wifeafterdeath)

  2. You have great taste! I love these colours - they're 'my' colours as I'm an Autumn colour person. I adore those fox earrings, the green silk blouse, jacket and patent boots are divine. Well all of it in other words! : /

  3. Aw - thanks very much!!
    Tell you what, if I win big on the Lotto this weekend you can take your pick - then we'll go drink wine in our new outfits - deal? ..... :)

  4. Ah - thanks Louisa! you made my day!!
    I know, i'm really a summer person, but when it comes to Autumn these are the colours I adore - all rich and jewelly! (new word) :)

  5. La Maman Heureuse18 October 2013 at 21:01

    Love your selection, I'm so in love with the blouses and the jewelry!

  6. Thanks! - and thanks for sharing on twitter too hon :)
    I love the shirts too :)

  7. Thanks so much!
    Think those fox studs are emerging as the definite favourite - they are cute aren't they?!


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