Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly Wishes - Week#4

Happy Monday Morning Everyone!

This week's Weekly Wishes theme is 'Celebrate'. I thought about showing you some photos of our wedding, but then I'm intending on spoiling you with a whole post all on its own, someday.
So, I decided to play with a photo I took of the amazing afternoon tea my friend made for us yesterday...
I truly think I ate my own weight in that there cheese & cake!

We weren't celebrating anything in particular, other than friendship - which is always worth celebrating in my book! It's always lovely to meet up with my best friends from school - even more so now one of us brings her gorgeous baby boy and all we 'Aunties' get cuddles & to hear his lovely gurgly baby giggles. 
(broody?....yes, you bet!)

Back to my wishes.....

Last week I had only one switch off all appliances & distractions and spend each afternoon working at my kitchen table.
Did I achieve this? Well, yes I think I did. 
There was one exception on Wednesday, where my laptop and I had a minor disagreement and I spent most of the day getting it to work. But, we're friends again the rest of the week got back on track. I am intending on this one becoming a long-term habit, more than just a weekly thing. 

This week my wishes are:

  • To purchase gum-tape and a sample pack for prints that I've been meaning to buy for ages, both of which I need to progress with some art work i've been planning. 
  • To update my 'About me' page & import Disqus on my blog, as the current comments system isn't that easy to manage. I keep missing comments & not replying to people (if that's you, then i'm sorry).
  • To get emailing with Lauren at Lipglossed Ninja, my Snail Mail Collective partner this month. And to start putting together my package for her...based on the 'Autumn' theme.

Think I'll leave it at those 3 for this week.

If you want to join in too, or check out some other great Weekly Wishers, jump over HERE 
to Melyssa's blog, the Nectar Collective.

Have a Wonderfully Productive Week Everyone!! 

p.s. I'm celebrating a little blog-milestone today. I told myself i'd mark it when my total pageviews pass the 2000 barrier. I know lots of people get far more than that daily, but yesterday A-L-P bust right through that barrier....well done little blog of mine. See you at the next 1000 I hope :) 


  1. Congrats on your success with last week's wishes! Being productive and turning off all distractions is a huge accomplishment in my book!

    I wish you well with this week's wishes also!

  2. Yay Disqus is so much better than the Blogger comment platform!
    Can't wait to see what you prepared for Lauren's fall package :) Have a fab Monday, friend!

  3. Congrats on reaching your milestone and your goal from last week. I definitely think you need to get working on your third goal listed for this week, especially since its one of my goals at the moment too :)

    And yes, I have been stalking you a little *pats self on back*

  4. Yay for Disqus! I think it's so easy to use :) I also love the idea of sitting down at my kitchen table afternoon to work without distractions...hmm, may have to adapt this one myself!

  5. Well lookie here...i think i'm replying via Disqus! Hope everyone can see it though as I can't find the code i'm supposed to update.
    Hope you had a good day and got through those recordings! :) x

  6. aahh, thank you! I just had to be brave and hit that off button!
    Thanks - wish you well in yours too! :)

  7. Well i'm feeling rather proud of myself as I've achieved half of two of my wishes already!
    Nice chatting with you hon - saving your email for a reply later :) x

  8. Definitely worth it, trust me - you get loads more done (even though internet distractions are still there when i'm working on my computer!) ;)

  9. Congratulations on your page views AND I see you went ahead with Disqus! Way to go on a successful install :)

  10. WHAT A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Congrats! Blogging is such hard work, people don't even know. Sometimes, the highlight of my day is a single comment, so I completely understand how important it is to get traffic. Aw snail mail! Have fun! And good luck at updating your About Me. I'm the worst at writing those, I feel like I'm utter crap at explaining/selling myself. Have a great week hun and thanks for the weekly wishes love!

  11. congrats on accomplishing your goal last week. That is AWESOME! good luck with your goals this week!


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