Friday, 11 October 2013

Coffee Break - 5 for Friday & a little blogging jealousy!

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Europe hasn't it? 
There's tales of people putting on the heating, adding those extra layers & cosying up all over the place!

Here in the Peachy household Autumn means dusting off our coats, occasionally braving the cold, 
but mainly lots and lots of hiding in the warmth watching Autumn TV! 
All our favourites are back...Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off, 
Downton and now Homeland too! 
I really must get out my knitting again, then I can knit and watch at the same time, 
so all those hours aren't completely lost!

I'm really getting into my blogging now. This week I asked you the most romantic movies of your life, and it's proven to be one of my most popular posts so far. I'm honoured that you've read & commented, thank you.

But the best thing by far about blogging is all the gorgeous people I've 'met' so far. You're some very talented people out there....go and give yourselves a little pat on the back from me please!

I love this part of the week, when I get to look back over the fabulous things I've found.
So, without further ado, grab that cuppa, kick back and get clicking on my

5 for Friday... (actually a sneaky 6...shhhh)

  • Check out this gorgeous site, My Little Paris, which I intend to get truly buried in, by means of French homework of course ;)
  • You say 'Potayto', I say 'Potahto'. You say 'Tomayto', I say 'Tomahto'...but wait, before we call the whole thing off take a look at this guide to being divided by a common language! (of course we say 'NHS', you say 'Obamacare'...and some of you say 'no to Obamacare' and then everything shuts...but the less said about that the better hey?)

Before we head off into the weekend, I just want to give a big shout, hello and waves to.....

Lauren at LipglossedNinja - all the way down there in South Africa, who will be my partner for my first Snail Mail Collective. Take a look at her luscious beauty blog (whilst trying not to be too jealous that we're getting Autumn, but she's getting Spring!)


Katherine aka 'The Duchess of Plumewood' ...who was the first of my nominees to answer my Sunshine Award questions. Such a fun way to find out more about see if you can spot the 'untruth'!

So what does the weekend have in store for you?

We're off to a 60th 'bad taste' themed birthday no idea what i'm going to wear for that one!
Then lunch with my girlfriends on Sunday, when I'll most likely be coming back super-broody after hanging out with my friend's gorgeous baby out Mr Peach!

Have a super weekend whatever you're up to....
hope it's the greatest!


  1. I loved Melyssa's post too, I reaaaaaally want a pug so I'm trying to prepare myself as much as possible!
    Autumn is definitely here this week too, Germany saw it's first hit of snow this week! In October!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  2. Snow in October? even for Germany surely that's a bit crazy. I remember in 2011 I sunbathed in the park wearing my sundress at the end of October! was an unusually hot spell but it's crazy the difference isn't it!

  3. You're welcome hon - it was a post worth celebrating!! I love doing this once a week as I can pop back and refer to my 5 for friday's whenever i like - they stay around a lot longer!
    Ha - tequila and rum weekend sounds amazing....and also painful in equal quantities! :) x


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