Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The most romantic movies of my life (so far).

Yesterday I read this article in The Guardian, listing their top ten most romantic movies of all time.
And it got me thinking.
I'm an absolute sucker for a romance.
So, what would my list be? What are the most romantic films of my life?

I'm a child of the 80's. So I spent the best part of my teens, in the 90's, dreaming about finding true love.

I fell in love with a floppy haired, bumbling, poshboy. 
I wanted to kiss in the rain, because 'there comes a point you can't get any wetter' 
& promise to 'not marry' him for the rest of my life.

Then I learned some quick Plato....that men and women were once one, until they upset the gods. 
The gods 'split them right down dead centre'. 
Now we search our whole lives to find that other half again. 
I wanted to be Marisa Tomei being chased all around beautiful Italy 
by another floppy haired boy with pretty eyes.

I fell in love with another beautiful country. 
I wanted to wear a diamond necklace "like ziss", to eat creamy cheese on scenic trains and learn to make delicious wine infused with all the scents of the beautiful French hillside vineyards. 
(although I personally had a more fresh faced lover in mind than Kevin Kline...sorry Kev.)

What romance would be complete without the greatest love story of all time? 
This one re-awoken by Baz Luhrman.
I wanted to be Clare Danes - post So Called Life, but still pre Carrie. 
To wear beautiful wings, dance around neon fishes and kiss floppy haired Romeo in the pool at midnight. 
To wake up and tell him
"Yon light is not daylight, I know it, I.
It is some meteor that the sun exhales."

Whoops....how did he get in there?
Oh well - I know it's not really a romance. 
But nobody can say no to Jakey G in a hoodie, pouting those incredible lips...
Can they?

What romance!
Dreamy Amelie, bathed in sepia tones, who looks in a different way at the people all around her 
and sees the great loves they don't even know that they hold themselves.
And how she finds her greatest love....then celebrates in the greatest way.....
pedalling around beautiful Paris at full pelt.

OK, a warning. 
We're about to get really soppy, because after this I met Mr Peach. 

Before she went all Carrie-crazy, Clare Danes popped back as the star Celeste...
an actual star, from the sky.
I'm not saying this is the most romantic film of all time, by a long stretch. 
But, for me it's right up there.
Because i'll let you into a secret...
I'm not sure why, but I remember it very clearly...
It was right at the end of this film that I realised for the first time that I loved Mr Peach.
(Of course I didn't tell him right there, because it was quite early on 
and I didn't want to scare him off being all soppy and everything)

Then a few years later we went to Paris.
And you see that bench, right there....
well that's where Mr Peaches asked me to marry him!
(and Woody must have thought it was a good idea, because he copied us 
and jumped right in our place after we left!).

So, how about you?

Do you share my love of any of these? Or perhaps you think quite differently.

What are the greatest romantic movies of YOUR life?


  1. Hey thanks for joining the blog hop! I am a regency lover so I have to say Pride & Prejudice would be at the top of my list! :) I actually havent seen a few of these that you listed, I'll have to watch them!


    Rachel from Brachel Boulevard

    1. oh yes...how could I forget Mr Darcy! My Mr Darcy would always be the one played by Colin Firth in the TV series though. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Love romantic movies too! You should totally read From Notting Hill with Love... Actually by Ali McNamara. You'll love it!

  3. I love Pride & Prejudice too. Romeo & Juliet, along with Moulin Rouge because Baz Luhrman appeals to my creative side. Only You is in Italy and stars Robert DJ, a winning combo for me. Amelie is fab, Heartbreaker (Vanessa Paradis) is brilliant and I love, love The Notebook!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Yeh, I think Baz Luhrman's R&J was a real shift in films...something different happened creatively - without which I don't think we'd have had Amlie later on actually. Only you is worth it just for the setting isn't it!. I really must watch Heartbreaker and The Notebook....on my list now, thanks!

  4. Ok, so at least 3 of these movies I haven't seen. I am 100% getting all over a movie fest tonight!
    I think I'd have to put Romeo & Juliet up there, as for the rest I am really not sure... I need more time ;)

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

    1. Ha - i'm not saying they're the greatest films ever....French Kiss in particular is really dated now and I can barely stand to watch Meg Ryan any more, but they were the ones that were most significant to me at the time, in a romantic way. I'll be interested to see what I think of this list in another 20 years!

  5. YES to all of these! The only movies I'd add to the list; Notting Hill, Say Anything, and The Notebook :)

    1. Yey! Yeh I love Notting Hill too - actually Love Actually nearly made it...mainly for the scenes at the airport - I can no longer walk through an airport arrivals lounge without tearing up...thanks Richard Curtis. I've not heard of Say anything - but that will go on the list too...and The Notebook, which several people have mentioned now. I so want to curl up with a movie fest!

  6. I don't remember seeing any of these except The Notebook. Maybe I'm not the biggest fan of romantic dramas....I feel more romantic about movies when I have a special memory attached to them. "The Blindside" (about a high school football player) is one of my 'romantic' movies because it was the first one I ever saw in the theater with my husband!


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