Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tell me...what do you drink? - Dites-moi ... qu'est-ce que tu buvez?

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....when you can't drink alcohol?
....quand tu ne boire pas l'alcohol?

Mr Peach has challenged me to take part in the 'Sober for October' campaign. The challenge is to drink nothing alcoholic....zippo, nada, zilch...for the 31 days of October. Conveniently leaving both your liver & your pocket a little rested before the full on attack of the Christmas period!

I make no secret of my love of alcoholic beverages - particularly the heavenly nectar that is wine, in its many varieties. Since we discovered this amazing Parisian wine bar.   I have regularly dreamt of the day when I can open one of my own!

However, my problem is not in giving up the alcohol, but in the dilemma left in its wake....what will I drink instead?

During the day I have it sorted. Befitting of all the English girl stereotypes you could send my way, I am an absolute tea addict. As I sit and type, next to me sits my friendly half-litre cuppa, which will be repeatedly re-filled throughout the day.

But, when it comes to meal-times or a drink out with friends, then I come unstuck.
My husband will simply swap to whichever glass of fizzy soft drink he feels like. I can't do that as I detest fizzy drinks (with the exception of Champagne, Cava & Prosecco of course). I find even the diet versions cloyingly, stick-to-your-teeth, sweet. Enough to ruin a meal in my opinion.
I usually end up with a fizzy water, sometimes with a splash of lime...but this can get a little boring.
I'm not the only one with this dilemma. I thought the answer to my question was here when I spotted this article in the Guardian recently. But I was disappointed to find the solutions that they presented irritatingly snobbish and quite impractical. No restaurant I know offers Basil Water?...what?

At home it's a perfect opportunity to be a little more experimental & try out.....

(though I'd have to swap up some of that sugar for honey or stevia...yikes!)

Beetroot & Lime Water - sounds yum!
Elderflower Lemonade 
(& use up some of my home-made elderflower cordial!)

Or, remind myself that my love of tea extends to the chilled variety...

(which I'm reliably informed also work minus the alcohol!)

But, out & about it looks like I'll be getting used to my usual non-alcoholic fall backs of lime & soda, straight up tonic water, bitter lemon or, when available, a Canada Dry ginger soda, which isn't too sweet.

Our anniversary of having met is at the end of the month and I'm going to persuade Mr Peach to take me to this amazing sounding dry-bar in Liverpool for a Mockjito or two!
 Just rewards for a month off the sauce, don't you agree?

So, dear friends, I want to know what you drink, when you can't drink alcohol?

Is there a non-too-sweet delicious, non-alcoholic drink readily available where you live?

Perhaps you have a fabulous dry-bar or place that specialises in non-alcoholic beverages near to you?

I hear that Coconut water is all the rage at catwalk shows - 
do you have something similar you like to refresh with?

Or a punch recipe for the whole family that you'd like to share?

Français amies? Avez-tu un mot comme 'mocktail' pour les boire sans alcohol?

Let me know, I'd love to hear!
In the meantime, for the next month you can find me 
in the kitchen chopping up cucumber and lemon.

Have a great, super-hydrated day everyone!
I'm off to put the kettle on....

Sarah x


  1. I'm not a fan of alcohol beverages, I rarely drink them except for "punch" or "kir". I'm not a fan of water either... I don't drink soda or any juice. I drink milk only lol.

  2. On evenings at home when I don't imbide, I have Perrier with lime in a crystal glass (it makes me feel fancy), followed by a hot chocolate before bed :)


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