Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekly Wishes - Week #2

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm joining in with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective again to share our Weekly Wishes.
The theme this week is 'Happy'.
This is Jasmine, my parent's beautiful and incredibly loving Labrador Retriever. This was taken last year, when she was a little, cheeky, puppy. She's grown a lot since then!
Jasmine embodies happy. She just doesn't do sad. And she's never happier than when she's rolling around in the green grass with her favourite chew toy.
Watching her play makes everyone happy!

So. Weekly Wishes...
What did I wish last week? Let's recap:

1) I wanted to start up my Etsy shop. I've decided to put this on hold until I have more work to fill it with. No point in being premature and starting with things I'm not happy with.
But I did Join Twitter....come follow me!
2) Re-start my food diary. Kinda achieved....I may have missed a few things off so I need to be more strict with this.
3) At least 30 mins a day excercise. Kinda achieved. Will be better this week now we have the bikes back up and running.
4) Sort my 'floordrobe'. Yep, done - phew I am no longer a sloth. However, see this week's wishes for further bedroom related tasks.
5) Pick & freeze some fruit. Yep, done. See, I told you about it here.

This week's wishes:

1) I haven't said much about it as I don't want to bore, but I am currently job hunting. So, wish one is to have at least 5 more applications under my belt & ideally, by this time next week, have something lined up.

2) Continue the 30 minutes per day excercise. STOP SNACKING - only eat at mealtimes & practice portion control.

3) Clean our bedroom - sort out my accessories & products on my dressing table. Finally hang the art work I made for our wedding, that I've been planning to put up in our room.

So, that's it. Think I'll keep it simple and stick to those three this week!

Are you joining in too?
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The Nectar Collective

What did you achieve last week & what do you plan for this week?

Look forward to finding out all about it!

Sarah x


  1. Sending good vibes for the job hunting :)

  2. Oh, those are some good goals! Congrats on accomplishing last week's goals. Good luck and happy job hunting.
    Your Labrador is adorable! And I like that she doesn't do sad. ;)

  3. All the best with job hunting! Don't let it get you down if you down hear back. Take it as a learning experience to better yourself for the next application! Good luck with everything this week!

  4. These sound like great goals! But, I do have to say one thing, DONE is better than perfect! Open that shop no matter how much stuff you've got in it or not! Just do it! I promise you will NOT regret it. I just went through this in August!! I promise, just do it.

    Hope you're having a fantastic rest of your week! Open that shop!


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