Monday, 30 September 2013

Days Out - The bikes are back!....& we took them to Wrea Green

Thanks to my lovely dad I spent some of last week bringing back to life our bikes, that have laid unloved, flat and gathering dust in my parent's garage. Couple of new inner tubes, a bucket of soapy water, squirt of oil and plenty of elbow grease later and we were ready to roll! (or cycle to be exact).

Sunday was the most perfect day for our inaugural cycle ride. So we decided to stay local to begin and we set off in the perfect Autumn sunshine to the little village of Wrea Green.

It took us only 30 minutes of easy, breezy pedalling (our area is perfect for cycling as it's generally really flat) to reach Wrea Green - a picture perfect little village just inland in rural coastal Lancashire. 

Because it's so very picturesque Wrea Green is a very sought after place to live. Highly paid footballers regularly fight over the pretty houses with views over the village 'green' & there's always a rumour of which movie star is planning to move in next...of course they usually stay as just that...rumours! There's a cute little church, tiny parade of shops, a primary school, 
even a duck pond

On the day we visited a (somewhat elderly) local football team was playing a match. It's a surefire sign of Autumn when footballers replace the regular summer sight of Cricketers on 'the green'. Mr Peach is happy to watch either so was in his element.

There's a lovely little pub called 'The Grapes' facing the green too - a perfect little bolt-hole for a sunny sunday afternoon. 
However, since we're trying to watch the pennies, we came prepared with our chiller-backpack full of picnic goodies....including a mini-bottle of chardonnay as reward for my efforts....

Time for a quick selfie before hopping back into the saddle...

Not the best selfie ever, but can you see the Duck Pond there behind us?

Then we jumped back on board and pedalled off a little further.

Final stop was a pub called 'The Birley Arms' - that I used to visit regularly when I was younger...usually on horse-back!

Around here, no Sunday Bike ride is complete without a good old British Pint of local ale...

...hmm, looking particularly crazy there Sarah!

What a perfect end to a perfectly wonderful Sunday! 
Welcome back bicycles!...why did we ever forget you?!

Sarah x

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