Friday, 20 September 2013

Five for Friday - Cinq pour Vendredi

Thank fajita it's Friday!'s been a bit of a tedious one in the peaches house. Mr Peach has had a tough week at school and i've mainly been stuck in a kind of limbo waiting on what feels like a thousand job applications. On the plus side i've been able to catch up with art & design work and I got to meet loads of amazing inspirational new 'friends around the world' when I took part in this link-up on Tuesday.

Onwards to the very welcome weekend! Here's my five links for Friday to get it started...

- Hemingway loved a burger...who knew?! And he insisted on making his own...a man after my own heart (home-made are the only burgers i'll eat). Salad, coleslaw, wedges & my very own Hemingway burger....perfect Saturday night dinner i think!

- Hands up who's been having this debate recently? (Northern hemisphere issues....) I'm a woos who hates the cold with a passion, but for now we've settled on an hour a day (to get things dry)...and a hot water bottle and a blanket!

- Make these lush bath melts with ThisEnchantedPixie! Of course you will need to run a nice hot bath and sample one.....then wrap up the rest as perfect pressies for the emergency pressie drawer!

- Go on a girl's night out with Mal at LazyBoleyn, and four of her favourite historical ladies! Who would you go out with and what would you wear? (As you can see in the comments I LOVED this idea, and got a little carried away imagining who I would party with!)

- This newsreader made a hilarious mistake....I hope this makes you giggle as much as it did me! Poor guy, he does work some odd hours...bless him!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Sarah x x x

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