Friday, 20 September 2013

Quote me! - On marriage....Citez-moi! - Sur le mariage

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So, so true!! I LOVE it!
One of my favourite things about being with Mr Peach is that I never have to sleep alone - put it down to my Gemini roots if you like. I always have this debate with one of my best friends when she asks me 'do you not just like to potter around in your own company sometimes?' nope! Given the choice I'd have people with me all the time.
More than that, this quote says everything about those little times we spend together, doing pretty much nothing (well nothing of any consequence) but having so much fun because we're doing it together.

I told Mr P I'd read this quote and he laughed, then gave me a big squeeze.
And that's why I love him so....

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  1. I love nothing more than to end my days by curling up on the couch with my husband and watching TV. And the cool thing, we get to do it all the time :)


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