Monday, 23 September 2013

Weekly Wishes - Week #1

(Joining in with Melyssa's 'Innocence' theme...that's me back in the days when all I had to worry about were my Spaceman sunglasses and my Minnie Mouse dress...oh the days of innocence!)

Happy Monday everyone...hope your week has got off to a good start!

Because I'm a big brave blogger I'm joining in again...this time with Melyssa at the Nectar Collective and her fabulous Weekly Wishes share. I think it's such a great idea to share our wishes for the week ahead and celebrate our achievements together. (Hello to everyone else joining in!) I'll have to be careful though, as I have a tendency to write ENORMOUS lists for myself, then feel disappointed when I don't manage to cross everything off.
So, I'm limiting myself to a maximum of 5 each week.
Here goes with week 1....

1) Kick off my a.l.p. Etsy shop and list at least 1 item.

2) Re-start my food diary (hence less snacking)

3) Take at least 30 minutes each day to excercise - even if only a walk around the park.

4) Sort my 'floordrobe' which is now getting ridiculous & driving Mr Peach crazy 
(yes I am actually admitting to being that untidy!)

5)Pick and freeze some fruit 
(blackberries, elderberries, apples & sloes from around my parent's home) 

1 week should be enough shouldn't it?
We'll see!

Want to join in Weekly Wishes too?
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Sarah x


  1. Great wishes this week! One of my wishes this week too is to exercise. you've got it right, just 30 min a day is a great start to getting back into a routine! I also keep a "food diary" of sorts, I use My Fitness Pal. Have you ever tried that? It's awesome!

    1. Ooh yes I have the fitness pal app on my phone, it's great! Thanks for your compliments on my wishes :) day 1 has gone well - 30 minutes walk isn't so hard or trouble to fit in...let's hope it continues like that the rest of the week :)
      Have a super week!

  2. what is a 'floordrobe'
    Good luck with your goals!!! So jeaulous you get to pick and eat fresh fruit!!

    1. Oh no...another case of being divided by a common language! ;)
      It's when you use the floor rather than your wardrobe (closet) to store your my case in a big pile in the corner..and a little bit by my side of the bed (....the shame!). They're mostly clean but it's a case of swapping my summer and winter clothes back over at the moment! This one is definitely going to have to get sorted or you'll all think I'm a real sloth! Ha! ;)

  3. Picking and freezing fruit is a great goal- I have to get on this one myself!

    1. Thanks! Well managed to do some picking yesterday - now to work on the cleaning and freezing :)

  4. You're setting up an Etsy store - that should be exciting!
    Great goals this week! Exercise is like a staple on my list, haha. I'm a bit messy myself so I'm definitely not judging you for the floordrobe.
    Picking and freezing fruit sounds like so much fun! Have fun and good luck with this week's goals.

    1. Thanks! Got the picking and freezing fruit underway. As for the Etsy store - I've had one before for my handmade jewellery but, as I'm working more on my art & textiles a new store is long overdue....problem is I want to make sure it's right so it's going to take longer than i'd hoped.
      Have a great week yourself ! :)

  5. Welcome to weekly wishes, its a great method of getting the motivation going and meeting new people. Glad Melyssa thought of this wonderful idea!
    Good luck this week, I need to sort out my room as well. I've been so good recently, all of a sudden I've become so lazy.. ahh!



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