Thursday, 26 September 2013

From my sketchbook - Des cercles de dessin

  • (Circles of pattern)

Pages from my sketchbook. Still playing with pattern and overlaying with colour.

Some thoughts for this Thursday....

  • Today is the two month anniversary of Mr Peach and my wedding. The sun is out just like it was on our wedding day (though it was a lot warmer). I hope he comes out to celebrate with us on 26th of every month!

  • The Sunshine theme continues as Avoir-La-Peche has been given its first award, 'The Sunshine Award' by gorgeous Mal at Lazy Boleyn. Hop over and find out more about Mal and her lovely blog here. Then hop back to see me answering those questions and making a few nominations of my own in the next couple of days. Very exciting!

  • You can now find me on Twitter too! Avoir-La-Peche is to be found at @AvoirPeche 

  • When we went fruit picking the other day we decided to leave the Sloes another week or so to ripen, before we pick them to make 'Sloe Gin'. But maybe we needn't go to the trouble. We could just nip to the supermarket to visit the sweetie aisle and join my friend in making...

Pear Drop Vodka.

Recipe: Litre of Vodka, Hand-full Pear-drop boiled sweets.Method: Take some Vodka from the bottle to make room for the sweets (may I suggest a round of vodka-tonics?). Bash the sweets up a bit and put them into the vodka bottle. Shake bottle once a week until sweets are dissolved (around christmas if you start now).

Apparently you can also use Skittles, Jelly Babies, Werthers Originals, After Eights....basically any sweets. You can also (repulsively) speed the process up in your dishwasher! Yuk, no thanks!


Hope you're all having lovely Thursdays! 

Sarah x

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