Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Fox - Le Renard

This is the first sketch from a photo that I've done in ages - inspired when checking my emails on my phone this morning and accidentally hitting a button (which is annoyingly easy to hit) that brings up a search page...inspiration in the most mundane of places! This beautiful photo of a proud and wiley fox (well actually a portion of this beautiful photo in proportion to my phone screen) was the background image.

So, I decided to quickly sketch Mr Fox. And here he is. Not the best sketch I've ever done and not really the type of sketch I usually do. However, since he only took around 15 mins, I'm quite pleased with him.

Together with this great proverb, he's reminded me that unless I make a start then I won't achieve anything. Well, at least that's what I'm thinking it means, since that it perfectly relevant to many areas of my life at the moment!

So, today I'm off to find some proverbial meat.

Before I go, since I'm really excited about the prospect, I'd also like to say a big hello to you first few followers!

Wishing you all have wonderfully productive days too.

Sarah x


  1. :) Hi! We have a similar proverb in Latvian, but then there is the much different one in English about letting sleeping dogs lie... Lovely sketch, and hope you'll follow me back!

    1. Hi Liene! You know i'd forgotten that one....yes totally the opposite, I guess that's English reserve for you!
      Thanks for the compliment on my sketch. I'm following you on Bloglovin as I didn't realise the Google following was still working, but will find you there too :)


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