Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Scrunch-up - Linky-Love!

Original photo credit: Richard Susantro 

Hi & Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Sharing links to things I've found all over the internet each week is something I love to do 
- to remind myself as much as for my lovely followers. 
There's so much greatness out there, it's great to share the best!

I've decided to mix things up and change my usual 'Five for Friday' link-up....
No longer limited to 5 links - sometimes more, sometimes less.
                    No longer limited to Fridays - sometimes Fridays, 
                                                                               but sometimes Saturday or Sunday
                                                                                                 might be the best time to share.

So grab that cup of tea (or coffee), biccie or cake
& help me celebrate the great stuff I've uncovered this week
all scrunched up together for the weekend......

  • Warning: this one is really 18+. I was unsure whether to share, given A-L-P may eventually be read by either a)my parents or b)employers/prospective employers....but to be honest this was too hilarious not to...and if you're laughing along then your slightly smutty side is just as bad as mine! I introduce: the incredible penisbeaker debate.
  • Finally I want to share with you something really special (and now award winning!). This one comes with a warning too - you will need a box of tissues & a large glass of wine, because there will be both tears & toasts to be had. The wonderful Wife after Death. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Ping-pong via @MissMarples; Creative paradoxes via @lamamanheureuse; older peeps in vegetation via @creativetourist; grammar preaching via @essexgirldiary; penisbeaker via @tenpennydreams

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