Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cosy Up TIme! - My Autumn Lounge Essentials

Cosy Fall Lounge

Brrrr.....It's getting a little chilly around here!

This year's bake-off is over, we're already 3 weeks in to Strictly & our Sunday evening favourites Downton & Homeland are back.
Pretty soon it'll be 'I'm a Celebrity' time & we'll be planning our trip to the Christmas Markets.

Time to cosy up. And here are all my cosying essentials for the lounge.....

We have candles all year, but as the days get shorter I love that cosy feeling of having lots of candles lit in all around us (not to forget the extra warmth)
In Autumn we love creamy Vanilla scents and spicy Cinnamon when the days get Festive.

Fairy Lights
Just like candles, as the evenings get darker, I love the pretty twinkle of fairy-lights. 

On a cold day I love to snuggle up on the couch, watching a film, 
enjoying my favourite TV programmes, or reading a good book.

If you ask Mr Peach he'll tell you I have cold fingers and toes all year. 
I have terrible circulation, my fingers turn white and my feet go blue, so slippers are an absolute essential! Since Father Christmas isn't rich enough for those sheepskin beauties this year, 
these fair-isle knit ones would be a perfect alternative!

Hot Water Bottles
The un-sung hero of Winter warmth!
I love a snuggle with a toastie hot water bottle on a cold night. 
I have a mini-one for going on the train or bus to work.
At home I've even been known to have one for my tummy & one for my toes!
Being a seaside girl, I adore the little boat knit.
But, I've fallen in LOVE with this Deer Knit hottie bottie cute is it?!

Irish Coffee
A hot drink is an essential to cosy up a chilly evening.
Sometimes I like to indulge myself with a warm Irish Coffee with a dash of Whisky & Cream
or pimp up my Hot Chocolate with a generous splash of Baileys.
Warmth from inside....yum!

So, what do you think?

What are your perfect Cosy Autumn Essentials?


  1. La Maman Heureuse23 October 2013 at 19:41

    Think your selection could be pretty much my own :-) my favourite fall items to get cozy are comfy sweaters that you could practically live in, big, warm scarves (that almost double as a blanket) and cherry stone warmers. As soon it gets colder, they become my siamese twin :-) couldn't imagine fall and winter without them :-)

  2. Those are all the things why I love the cold seasons! Hot chocolate with Baileys is a beautiful idea, I should purchase a bottle to enjoy it with friends.

  3. Everything you've put in that picture makes me happy!

  4. Candles and fairy lights, absolutely love them!

  5. Yey thank you hon!!
    Totally agree with you - I'm saving over-sized sweaters and chunky knit scarves for a fashion-y post when the chill really kicks in but they are absolute essentials!! Actually I saw a lovely sweater in Tesco, of all places, yesterday and had to remind myself very hard about my buying ban or else i'd have been walking out with it for sure!
    What are cherry stone warmers? Are they like beanbags that you heat up in the microwave? x

  6. Yes you definitely should! If you're a chocolate-orange fan the Baileys can also be subbed for Cointreau.....also really yum!! :)

  7. Thanks Lauren!! Yeh they're my faves! :)


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