Friday, 1 November 2013

Life Lately & A little weekend scrunch-up!

Hey lovelies - Happy Friday!
And Happy All Saints Day! 
(or as Mr Peach now calls it 1st of Movember)

Are you all ready for the weekend? We are that's for sure!

So I thought a quick catch up was in order, since I've not been around here much this week.

Life has gone a bit nuts recently. First, last Wednesday, my gorgeous Mr Peach got a brilliant new job in Manchester, starting in January. This means moving back to the city which, if you've read much here on A-L-P you may gather I am incredibly excited about! It's not a great distance to move, but you'd think it was with all the hassle of moving! But being within 20 minutes of so much that's there to keep me entertained in the city centre will make such a difference. So, Monday was spent house hunting. We're looking in an area around where one of my best friends, her hubby and her adorable little baby boy live, so that's even more exciting for me! Then last Wednesday I was offered a contract job for a big company locally running up to Christmas. So, we could end up in a situation where all our worldly goods are over in Manchester, whilst we bunk up in a friend's spare room for a month, finishing our work over here before the end of the year. But, that's fine by me - it just makes life all the more interesting!

So, there's not as much this week....but here's a little linky scrunch up....
take a look at some fun stuff from this week...

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What has this weekend got in store for you?

Mr Peach and I are off to Bristol to visit my little sister and her partner, to do some partying for his 30th birthday.
 I absolutely love Bristol so expect to hear all about it next week!

Have a lovely weekend peeps!

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  1. I've never been to Manchester, but my best friend told me it's brill! Have a great weekend in Bristol. : ) x


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