Monday, 5 August 2013

Look what we went and did.....!

We got married!!!!

That's me and Mr P on our wedding day just over a week ago now!

....and that's where I've been these past few months. Worry not my little blog i've not abandoned you completely. I merely had to put you on the back burner for a while as life events took over. But now i'm back and ready to tell you all about it!

I'm going to record for my own future the story of our amazing day, how we got there and the stories of all those we just could not have managed without! I'm also going to post a few 'how to's' on some of the DIY projects I managed on the way. But all of that in good time, for now here are a few things we learned along the way....brides to be listen up!

+ It's been said before but Pinterest will take over your life. It's free and a fabulous resource packed full of brilliant ideas. Browse and pin to your hearts content - but don't become obsessed with trying to have everything you come across. Your wedding will be magical and personal no matter how many candy-carts, 'first look' photos, hay bale chairs or flip-flops baskets you have. Do what you can but don't sweat the pinned stuff!

++ Other people may stress more than you (insert my mum and at times even my groom here) ...try to raise your head above it all and remember they are probably stressing about what they don't have under their control - you know what you're doing, you're the bride and it's your wedding - if they want to stress let them, but don't fall with them!

+++ Never in all of your previous life will you have been so grateful for those who roll their sleeves up and muck in. And as a result never will you have felt so loved just by the actions of those people. All my bridesmaids, my god-mum, my dad and my sister's (petite peche's) OH were so incredible. I think they really felt a part of the day as a result. But we now feel even closer to these very special people in our lives - one of the best gifts our wedding could have given us!

++++ People will get drunk....very very drunk in our guests case. Some will fall asleep in fields, others collapse into a rockery. Certain of these people may lose morals they quite happily contain when sober. Lock up what you don't want your guests to drink and be absolutely clear about bar tabs with bar staff....don't for example assume your best men won't buy a cheeky round of drinks 'on the groom'! Cheeky beggars!

+++++ Give up worrying how fat you are bride. Yes, there's a few photos where I have arm cellulite (arm cellulite!!) and yes I'd like my flabby chin to be airbrushed out of a few. But really, the overwhealming image of you in those photos will be of happiness - I know it sounds cheesy but in the last few weeks I barely had time to sleep let alone fret over/waste time getting to the gym, and with all the 'pre-wedding' celebrations I decided to just sit back and enjoy it all - concentrate on feeling good about myself on the day, not obsessing and now I can look forward to taking a more relaxed, gradual attitude to getting fit and eating better without the pressure of just one day to focus on. Seriously girls - it's not worth the stress - enjoy the moment, it's not going to happen again - enjoy that hen-do cocktail, that 2 days to go pizza and that bucks fizz on the morning of your big'll have the rest of your life to worry about your waist!

++++++ You will feel different after you're married! It may take a few days but even if you've lived together for many years like Mr P and I, and none of that has changed, you will somehow feel different. Perhaps it was getting a joint account so we could pay in gift cheques made out to us as Mr & Mrs, maybe it's when we sneak in the odd 'sickness and in health' when asking the other to make a cup of tea to heal our hungover sore throats the next day, maybe it's changing my facebook status and my new married name....or maybe it's just one big combo of all of these but you will feel different....happy different. 

+++++++ Weddings are exhausting. Take 5 minutes out together as Bride & Groom on the day - they'll be some of the most memorable minutes ever. And go on honeymoon - or at least get away somewhere together from the madness afterwards. Which is what we're doing in 5 days....Mr & Mrs Peche....CUBA here we come!!

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