Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The simplest Peter-Pan collar necklace ever! - Le collier simple de Peter-Pan jamais!

Following on from my post yesterday, I made a go at a Peter-Pan collar style necklace for my sister, Petit Pomme.
This particular attempt turned out to be the simplest version ever!

1) I took a length of chain long enough to sit on the collar bone or just below on the neck (42cm/19" in my case) and attached a spring fastener and D-loop fastening.

2) Took 2 lengths of the same chain and attached them to the central point of the first 'base' chain using two (for security) jump rings. 

3) Measured and cut one chain to a length where the end could be attached to the base chain at a point that would form a 'swoosh'. (This point is about on the collar bone) (Approx 22cm/9" in my case). Cut both chains to the same length, then attach the ends to the base chain on opposite sides, using jump rings. These chains then represent the lower edge of the 'collar'.

Et voila! Simplest Peter-Pan necklace ever...

And just like my image from yesterday:

Chain Collar Necklace

Of course I couldn't let anything leave my studio looking quite so simple - especially for a gift. 
So I jazzed up the base chain with some cute dragonfly charms and shell discs. 
I think from a distance it looks a little like lace.....what do you think?

Would look better with a simpler top I think - a plain white fitted T would be ideal. 

So there it is....simplest Peter Pan style necklace ever....have a go and let me know!

Mlle Peche x

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