Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday Motivation! - Motivation Lundi!

Well good morning & welcome to the start of a brand new week!

Back when I used to have the stability of a standard Monday-Friday, 9-5 job I used to find Mondays a little bit depressing. When you work like that it's all about the weekends and on a Monday morning that just seems so far away.
Now, running our family boutique there is a lot less stability (& currently a lot less ££s!), but one of the advantages is that I have more control over how I choose to use my time each day. Maybe also because I usually work Saturdays, life isn't all as much about the weekend and Monday just doesn't have that same depressing ring to it.

Having said that Mondays are still the start of a brand new week. I usually come leaping and bounding at them with a bucket full of idea and lists of things I want/need to achieve that week. It's no coincidence that this blog was born on a Monday, exactly one week ago!

Today is just as sunny - which I find instantly motivational - just a LOT colder. We hit 13 degrees C last Monday and right now it's just warmed up to 3 degrees...the little puddle by our front gate was even frozen. Come on now's Mid-March, let's get warmed up some!
(Update: Mother nature is obviously not listening. As I write it's now snowing!)

Here's a sneaky peak of the view we wake up to in the morning:

Taken this morning, you can see the low light of an early Spring morning. 
Can you see the sea? It's just there over the top of that garage roof. We live in a converted old fisherman's cottage and our bedroom window isn't huge, but the fact that you can see the sea was a big coo for me when we viewed the house. In the Summer those trees there are big leafy fellas who block the view, but I don't mind because they remind me that it's Summer! 
See that white house on the left? We used to drive past it every morning on the way to school. It used to be really run-down and I dreamt of buying it one day when I was rich and doing it up. The people who own it now have just as much love for it though. We can see right into the back garden and have watched the guy who owns it working tirelessly on it all year round. 
See the flats on the right? That used to be Lytham's beautiful old Victorian baths. But, as is sadly often the case here, some developer must have seen pound signs in his eyes, knocked them down and replaced them with immensely lucrative, but rather ugly Grannie flats. Another planning marvel, well done Fylde Council!

Anyway - So that's the view from my bedroom - not maybe as glamourous as some, but I like it. 

So, I've digressed again. Back to some Monday motivation!

Six things I'm going to achieve this week:

1) Complete our hand made Wedding Invitations.
2) Start back on the Running Programme - alongside keeping up Gym going (mainly for arm toning)
3) Bake a practice Wedding Cake, which I'm gifting to the Happy House charity's 3rd Birthday.
4) Finish the Infinity scarves I've been making for our shop.
5) Source what I need for the chalkboard hearts & signs for Wedding.
6) Start making the Limoncello that I bought the lemons for last week.

And I'll be updating you every step of the way!

So, what's your Monday motivation?
I'd love to hear just what are you determined to complete or achieve this week too!

Have a wonderful start to the week,
Mlle Peche x

(Fitness/weightloss update: No gym over weekend (which isn't unusual). Monday morning weigh-in back to 14st2lbs. Up 3 lbs. Weight gained might include water retention from eating salty food (cristps & chinese) plus monthly water retention time. Target this week - at least 2 runs. At least 4 gym sessions. No alcohol till at least Fri)

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