Friday, 8 March 2013

Un plan pour le vendredi!

A plan for Friday!

Good morning & Joyeux Vendredi Little Peaches!

(Good old Google T is telling me the French for 'Happy Friday' is, erm, 'Happy Friday'. I just don't believe him I'm afraid. If anyone can clarify please let me know!)

My head is buzzing with plans and ideas, ideas and plans, so I'm going to spill to you lucky people. If I blog them they have to happen right? Well that certainly came true after my mammoth blog yesterday. After work I nearly wimped out on the gym, but remembered my words to myself about getting over the 'getting there' aspect and staying on target for 6 sessions this week. I bit the bullet & sure enough once I was there it was hard (harder than the day before) but I achieved a successful workout and a sense of pride afterwards!

So, Friday plan number one is to set myself some targets for weight loss. This involves recording my actual weight right here on the Internet, which is a scarey thought. However, I think it's important to do, again for my future self & since this blog isn't live yet (yes at the moment I'm talking to myself) I could always remove them later on without anyone really having seen.....sneaky!

First we're going back in time, because I didn't mention yesterday that I have actually already lost 10lbs. Then we'll go forward in little leaps between strategic events I have planned that I can focus on when I'm about to eat that packet of Frazzles or wimp out of another gym session! It's a strategy that's worked for me before. Here we go....

28th January 2013 - Start Weight was 14st 10lbs (the shame!)

(5 weeks later)

8th March 2013 - (today) Weight > 10lbs to 14st. (I make this approx 10lbs in 5 weeks = 2lbs/week)
(Should be noted I only began excercising again the last 2 weeks of these 5)

(3 Weeks later)

28th March 2013 - My Little Sis' Birthday - Target > 7lbs to 13st 7lbs

(2 Weeks Later)

10th April 2013 - Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Target > 4lbs to 13st 3lbs

(2 Weeks Later)

23rd April 2013 - St. George's Day - Target > 4lbs to break the 13st barrier!

(2 1/2 Weeks Later)

11th May 2013 - Friend's wedding - Target > 4lbs to 12st 10lbs

(3 Weeks Later)

1st June 2013 - My Birthday! - Target > 5lbs to 12st 5lbs

(3 Weeks Later)

21st June 2013 - My Hen Do! - Target > 5lbs to 12st. 

After 21st June Target = Stay under 12st until our wedding!

So, that's the plan. 
Not unreasonable I don't think. Most of the time I've planned for around the recommended 2lbs/week weight loss. Some I've set for one or two more to push myself & some I've set for less, particularly during latter weeks as I know weight loss can plateau the fitter you get. 
I am a little weary of focusing so much on weight, for the 'fluctuation' reasons I mentioned yesterday and also because I know I quite easily gain muscle mass through excercise. So, I won't beat myself up too much if I fall a pound or two short of these targets. But I will beat myself up if at the end that's accumulated to half a stone short of the target!

To prove how serious I am, I'm even going to plan a gym session after work tonight - on a Friday night! This is virtually unheard of in my world, even in my most active days, simply's a Friday night for goodness sake, end of the week & party time! Plus, Mr Peach plays footie after work on a Friday so I have to walk to the gym and back too, adding another hitch to 'getting over getting there'.
Having said all this, I did squeeze in a gym session last Friday after work & before meeting the girls for tea at 7 - which was tight, but I felt so proud after. I must remember that feeling at 5 tonight when I just want to sneak home and watch 'Come Dine With Me'...tee hee!

OK - well I'm off now for a mid-morning tea break. I'll be back later with some Friday fun from my favourite places in the blogosphere.

               Mlle Peche. x

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