Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Progres - Progrès

Bonjour mes petits pèches!

And what a great morning it is as....we have progress!

After the predicted stall in any movement on the scales - this morning when I hopped on I was thrilled to see a slight downward swing - a 2lb loss!
This means I've broken the 14st barrier and am now in the 13's. 13st 12lbs - which makes 12lbs loss from the start. I'm still 5lbs off my 28th March target (13st 7lbs), which will be a bit of a push, but I will do my best. 
As per the above, progress is progress you can't deny. As I like to say - you have to make a start somewhere!

I have to admit I've been a bit naughty too. Saturday night was drinkies watching a potential wedding band - blip number 1. Sunday was a write off as we had a huge spread of amazing sandwiches, crisps, sweets, cakes, biscuits and pastries at the marriage-care course, which it would have been rude to decline - then we figured we might as well go all out and have pizza for tea - BIG blip! I didn't make the 4 gym sessions or 2 runs either - I just felt a bit ropey towards the end of the week and there was a bit too much else going on, so I fell one short of each of those targets. 
No matter though, because this is still a new week and I can set new targets......

This week I WILL gym 4 times and do at least 2 runs  3 runs. So there. 
Diet wise I'm going to try really hard until Friday, when the weekend will inevitably take hold. But, I'm going to make sure I excercise at least a bit this weekend.

I have just over a week to lose 5lbs....eep. To be anywhere near that I'll need to smarten up my act and get a lot stricter with myself. Maybe up those gym sessions by an extra 10 mins and put in an extra run or two....yep, that's what I'll do. 

In other news though my favourite belt is down a notch and the button at my hips on my puffy coat no longer pops open due to my fatness....so yes, not perfection, but progress indeed.

Back soon,

Mlle Pèche x

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