Saturday, 16 March 2013

My little blue heart - Mon petit couer bleu

Bon Samedi mes petits peches!

I've always had a thing for electric blue. My first car, Sidney Saxo was an electric blue little dynamo. We had a great time. He looked pretty much like this...

A few years back I went to a night at the Deaf Society in Manchester, where the AMAZING lady DJ was wearing a fantastic asymmetric shoulder dress with a big 80's style ruffle, in gorgeous electric blue. It was love at first sight. I spent years trying to find that exact dress. Then last year I found it!...whilst shopping with my sister in Bristol. Mr Peach, the little darling, obviously spotted how crazy in love I was and bought it for me. Something like this....except the ruffle is bigger, there's no strap, the bodice is a bit more fitted and the blue is brighter....

Well, you get the idea.

You can just about see it in this photo here....(though what's in the foreground is responsible for me not being able to show you any of the other photos of this night....oh and my hand is not really that big!)

Imagine then, my excitement when I stumbled across these en route to collect a bridesmaid dress the other day....

Product Image

In my EXACT size and even LONG length for my super-tall pins!
(though I have to say they look a lot tighter and a bit more turquoisy in this photo.)

So, since they were also in the sale at a mighty £12 I excused myself with the argument I wouldn't even find a pair in Primark for that price and snapped the lovelies right up. 

This morning I decided it was about time to tackle my increasingly shabby looking nails. Then I came up with a magic idea in honour of my favourite new Electric Blue skinnies.

Mon Petit Coeur Bleu!

Base colour: Mavala 164 'Rose Dust'
Heart colour: Rimmel Lasting Finish 198 'Azure'

Cute isn't it!

I initially wanted the base colour to be a pale grey I have in the same set of Mavala colours. Couldn't find it so I settled for the beigy flesh colour - which I think works better as the heart really stands out.

I'm still looking for my 'something blue' for my wedding and thought this might actually be really quirky and cute - maybe in a paler blue on my right (non-ring) hand.

So there's my little blue heart!

Hope you're having an ELECTRIC weekend!

Mlle Peche xx

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