Friday, 8 March 2013

C'est journée internationale des femmes!

Yes, that's right. It's International Women's day so let's celebrate!

Well, since most of the blogs & other interesting paraphernalia I come across here on the Internet are written by women...and women from all four corners of the globe no less...every day is pretty much International Women's day here on [ALP?]!!

Let's hold hands in sisterly solidarity & do a lap of honour together...

First let's head over New York, USA to take in a wonderful blog I've just discovered called 'A Cup of Jo'

Looks like a pretty big blog as Jo is a professional blogger. But, I love her style of writing & there's something for everyone, including musings on dating, marriage, relationships, friendships, style, travel, fact it looks like there's pretty much nothing not either covered or in the pipeline. Take this for example! Good on you's what we all want to read really! 

Let's hop down under to Australia and 'Shine Little Light*'

Feels a bit strange that I don't know the name (or even the blog name) of the girl who writes Shine*, but it's a lovely little blog. Amongst other things, each Friday Shine* publishes a little list of Link Love (a feature which I'm-a-stealing!). Perfect with your Friday morning tea break! 

Today this is how I found this delicious looking veggie burger recipe....

(which is how I discovered 'A Cup of Jo' as you'll see)

I absolutely love veggie burgers - in fact, when we're out I'll usually choose a veggie burger over a meat one (I only really like meat burgers made by my own fair hand, so you know they have no baddies in them!) Of course the burger bun would be a no-no for me at the minute, but I'm sure they taste just as good in a lettuce bun!

Let's jump to Africa....Kenya to be exact.

To the Happy House home for the 'Children of Watamu' charity set up by local lady Sue Hayways. Originally from Blackpool, Sue set up the home for abandoned or needy children in Kenya, after holidaying there and seeing the poverty all around. What she and her husband have achieved is fantastic and you can read all about it, from the early days right up to the present day, on this blog. Well done Mama Sue - may there be many more inspirational women like you who really go and get stuck in where they're very much needed!
I first found out about the charity by chance when Libby, one of its major fundrasiers, came into our boutique and we got chatting. Libby is such an interesting lady to speak to herself, having had an incredibly successful career in journalism. She makes the blog very easy to read, little daily snapshot updates of life at the Happy House, with pictures of smiling faces that just can't fail to make your day more peachy!
The charity works on sponsorship programmes, which I am hoping one day I might feel in a stable enough financial position to join. For the time being we try to help with fundraising where we can, giving raffle donations and the like. I'm making a cake for their 2nd Birthday coming up....I'll tell you all about it soon!

Let's scoot on back a little closer to home. A lot closer to home actually...

For a cute Printable by PoppySparkles.....who just happens to be down the road from me in Blackpool!

If ever there was a saying after my own heart it was this! I'm always saying to Mr Peach 'you just have to make a start' & 'I can only do what I can'!!

And now our last stop for today, which I just literally stumbled over.......

Hello Little Bean

I know pregnancy blogging is quite a trend, but not having been pregnant or really planning to at the moment, I haven't really looked into them. 
This is Katie Jo's instantly-fall-in-loveable story of her time growing 'little bean'....And the best thing? It's happening RIGHT NOW!...she's literally just announced her pregnancy! I am, of course, going to keep up with her story now until Little Bean makes his/her appearance in the world! Don't miss the little video in this post , it'll make your heart shine peachy all day!
One of my best friends is about to have her first baby in May. She's the first in our little group of friends and it's so lovely to see her and 'bump' growing and now blossoming. There's always a million questions I want to ask her though, so she might be pleased Katie is now answering at least a few of those for me! 

Here's an early Happy Momma's Day to all you Mummys to be!

Et merci à toutes les dames étonnantes inspiration dans ce monde!

Ok, time for a celebratory, pre-workout coffee me-thinks,

Adieu, Mlle Péche. x

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