Saturday, 9 March 2013

A few words from a new blogger - Quelques mots à partir d'un nouveau blogueur.

Hello Little Peaches!

I'm pleased with my decision not to let this blog go live immediately, as It's allowing me to make some changes before I unleash my virtual baby on the world. I've realised a couple of things by navigating my way around other people's blogs that I now see I need to apply to ALP.
1) As fun & educational as it is for me to write post titles in French, it's not going to be much good for people who don't speak French to navigate their way around ALP. And, since I write the bulk in English, my main audience are likely to be primarily English speakers. So, I'll still be writing them all in French, after all the point is I wanted to learn here, but I shall follow with the English translation in brackets. (Update: as 'Blogger' cuts out the end of long title posts in the links, it'll have to be English first...booo!)
2) I clearly love a lot of text. I'm not going to do much about that at the moment, because I want to stay true to myself. However, I hope to get more succinct as time goes on.
3) I need to categerise my blog posts and try to write about one thing at once. I'm going to introduce category pages with links to blog posts I've written on particular topics. At the moment I'm a bit giddy and writing about everything I come across. But I imagine that will calm down in time and I'll be down to one post a day.

Well this morning I told Mr Peach that I've started a blog. His response was 'what about?'. I don't think he was impressed when I told him it was about our life, weddings, fitness, losing weight, learning French and really anything. I suspect he just might not get it. That's ok though because this is mainly for me.

I also told him that I'm cutting my hair after our wedding - because it gets so knotty & is annoying the hell out of me. He loves me having long hair and rightfully so because I think he's imagining the alternative is the chin length bob I had, which made my large, round head look even larger and rounder. His response was that I can't because after we are married he owns me & he says 'No'. Joking of course but it really made me giggle! I love how much Mr Peach makes me laugh. Decided not to mention that I'm also dying it pink though!

Right adieu petits peches!
You can't get rid of me today though as I'll be back right after lunch,

Mlle Peche xx

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