Friday, 22 March 2013

Five for Friday - Cinq pour Vendredi

Sumartin, Brac Island, Croatia - (aka paradise!) 2008

Right there - that's where I want to be right now!

Instead I'm hovering over a heater in a drafty shop, trying not to think about the miserable SNOW outside.

Time for a Coffee and Five for Friday to cheer us up!

+ Ten best stories about vote goes to 'Whatever Next' - one of my little sister's favourites when we were growing up.

++ Three great books for grown ups to add to my list....The Newlyweds, Beautiful Ruins & The Chemistry of Tears. (Found via Cup of Jo)

++++ A cautionary tale....look after your ears ladies. (WARNING: not for the squeemish)

+++++ I am SO making us some of these for our wedding!!


Hope that did the trick. Happy Friday peeps!

Mlle Peche xx

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