Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday motivation (my twisted arm!) - Motivation lundi (mon bras tordu)

I've previously posted how I usually get a big burst of motivation on Mondays - spurred on by the fresh, new week. In fact, so much so that it was a Monday that inspired me to start A.L.P.

Hmm...sadly it seems not so for every Monday. Some just wimp out on inspiration in favour of freezing cold arctic winds (yes, we very luckily avoided the crazy snow here but it's baltic all the same!) and some just come off the back of a lacklustre weekend, where Mr Peach has had to work his little socks off all weekend, I had a very quiet cold Saturday in the shop, then pretty much felt confined to the house all Sunday, for fear of freezing my fingers off if I ventured out!
Where, oh where is that Spring we so desperately need and long for, so we can go for walks and socialise in the open air? Even the spring flowers and blossoms are finding it too chilly to peep out their pretty heads to cheer us up.

Taken last weekend in Chorley Lancashire - as I told Mr P I could easily walk there in a day (normally)!
Photo Credit: Chris Newman via flickr

So, in place of spontaneous inspiration, today's post will be fuelled by somewhat forced inspiration.
See to me this week means more than the hopeful onset of Spring, as the 28th is my Mad March Hare of a little sister's birthday.
Petit Pomme is only a few years younger than me, which felt like a great gulf when we were little, but now we're grown ups seems hardly anything at all. When it comes to gift giving we both now have the approach of buying pretty much what we want for ourselves, then (reluctantly) gifting it to each other. It's a strategy that we've found works out pretty well.
Style wise we're quite similar, though I'm a little more quirky/boho and she's a little more labely/classic.....though both only a little, not a great sway of difference either way.

Over the past three years when money's been seriously lacking, but time for crafty projects has been more plentiful, she's thankfully embraced my home-made gifts. I usually try to make her something to open on the day and buy her a little something when I next happen to be shopping with her (which is not more than twice a year).

Petit Pomme embracing the twisted cowl I made her for Xmas 2 years ago - one of her favourites
(the pose is courtesy of her (kinda) photographer partner - no she's not trying to smother herself.)

Now I have left it rather a tad tight timewise, but hopefully I can get this mini-project sorted just in time for wrapping and posting by Wednesday....hmm.

I've been meaning to have a go at making a collar necklace for some time now, as I think they can really make a plain outfit look super-cool and can be super-chique too. I definitely think Petit Pomme would approve. So, I headed for some Pinspiration, made a board, but here are a few of my faves for her....

Chain Collar Necklace

This would be really easy to do - I have some chain like this already and it seems just to be attached with small rings. My instinct is to jazz it up a bit - using a heavier chain and weaving some bright ribbon through - but I'm not sure if Petit Pomme would prefer the simplicity and verstility (could be a good work 'go-to' piece).

Delusions of Grandeur - update a tee with a collar necklace

Again I think this would be quite easy, but a step up from the previous piece. I have some small silver/grey glass pearls that I could see working well here, maybe with brighter beads mid-chain or at the ends.

Handmade pearl collar, necklace vintage style

I really want to have a go at making a proper Peter Pan style collar necklace for her though. I love the bow on this one as it could be worn at the front 'Pussy Bow' style or at the back for a simpler line. 

Two-Toned Beaded Collar Necklace - Pink and Grey #shoplately
But I think an injection of spring colour is called for. The beadwork on this is actually similar to some bib-necklaces I made years ago, but I love the colours and the shiny beads on this one.
I have some flat, white and mint green glass beads that I think could look great worked up into this kind of dense polka-dot effect, though I'd have to get sewing fast!

Phew, after that Peter-Pan Pinspiration I feel a tad more motivated now!

Time to raid my craft-stash and make a start or poor Petit Pomme will be missing out. 

Mlle Peche xx

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